10 Custom Drum Companies That You Should Know About

1. Angel Drums

2. C&C Custom Drums

Bill Cardwell is a custom drum building legend. He and his son Jake create some of the most classy looking custom drums on the market. Bill started making drums in a 6×12″ room in the back of his drum and guitar retail store about 20 years ago. Their journey has been long and difficult, but they are now one of the most trusted and revered names in the drum industry.

3. Koenig Custom Drum Company

These guys developed the Corian-Granite snare drum. I have never heard a granite snare, but I have to give them props for doing something completely different than most “custom” drum companies.

4. SJC Custom Drums

One of the most innovative custom drum companies out there. Known for their “Butcher Hoops”. Owned by two brothers that are 25 and 23 years old.

5. Molecules Drums

At first glance these drums don’t look like they would sound good, but go check out the audio at their website and make your own opinion! I would love to own a set of these drums! I have never seen anything like this. True innovation.

6. Truth Custom Drums

Great looking drums, Hybrid drum sets blow my mind.

7. Risen Custom Drums

They have some pretty sweet drums, and a LIFETIME warrenty on their drums. Their Glo Kit is one of my favorites.

8. Phattie Custom Drums

I’m blown away by what these guys are doing in Ashville. Great looking unique drums.

9. P.Ellis Drums

Ok. I admit that this is a shameless plug for my own drum company…but seriously, I had to plug myself, because if it wasn’t for P.Ellis Drums, there would be no MakeDrums.com! I started building custom drums over 6 years ago due to the extremely high prices of custom drums. We now have our drum shop in Austin, TX, the “Live Music Capitol of the World!”

10. Liberty Drums