Thrills, laughs and three dead goats on the road from Budapest to Bamako

Thrills, laughs and three dead goats on the road from Budapest to Bamako

By: Erik D'Amato
2006-01-17 12:43

If Hungarians have a reputation for being homebodies, it is largely undeserved. Ever since the Magyar conquest of 896, Hungarians have set out to explore the world beyond the Carpathian basin, on foot, by horse, rail, car and, most recently, airplane. But just in case anyone needs any additional proof that Hungarians will go to any lengths for a good road trip, we now have the first annual Budapest-Bamako rally, which last week came to an appropriately madcap conclusion in the dusty West African capital of Mali.


The Budapest-BamakoDakarThree goats, two cars, one coupleTV2Not just passing through

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