Plan puts Budapest as last stop on super-fast TGV rail line

A plan to bring the super-fast TGV train to Hungary hits some bumps

By: All Hungary News
2007-03-21 10:32

By the year 2015 Budapest could become the last stop for France's famed TGV train, according to French economic daily Les Échos. But the plan to bring the 320 km/h train to the Hungarian capital is likely to run into obstacles due to Hungary's aging rail network, comments.


A new, 300 kilometer eastbound stretch of the TGV railway called TGV-Est was inaugurated last week. Starting on June 10, passengers traveling from Paris will be able to reach Strasbourg in two hours and 20 minutes, instead of the current four hours, the city of Nancy in 90 minutes (instead of two hours and 45 minutes) and Reims in 45 minutes, instead of one hour and 35 minutes.


As the trains traveling on the new line will be 20 km/h faster than the current TGV, and will cross national borders, travel time between Paris and such international destinations as Luxembourg and Frankfurt will also be slashed, to just over two hours and just under four hours, respectively. Traveling by TGV from Paris to Munich will take just over six hours.


According to

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