Hungarian, Slovak bishops pray for reconciliation

2010-06-28 09:17

Hungarian and Slovakian Catholic bishops on Saturday petitioned for reconciliation between the two countries at a prayer day in Matraverebely-Szentkut, near Hungary's border with Slovakia.


When Slovakian and Hungarian bishops participate together in a pilgrimage before several thousand people, it is a good example of cooperation and shows problems can be solved, said Rudolf Balaz, bishop of Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.


Frantisek Tondra, bishop of Spis County, Slovakia, noted that the heads of the Catholic churches in Slovakia and Hungary had signed a declaration of reconciliation in the summer of 2006, pointing out that politicians should have done the same.


Miklos Beer, bishop of Vac, in Hungary, said a registry of Slovak believers in the diocese had been drawn up and a joint meeting would take place in the autumn. Bishop Balaz will participate, he added.


The Slovakian-Hungarian day of prayer on Saturday was the third such one. Mass was heard in both Hungarian and Slovakian.


Measures -- by both governments in Hungary and Slovakia -- affecting the large Hungarian minority in Slovakia have been the source of political tension recently.



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