Arrests made as protesters mass in Budapest

2008-10-23 22:11

About 500 supporters of the far right 64- Counties Youth Movement" gathered near police headquarters - to prove they are not afraid of 'police terror' - on Thursday night to remember Hungary's failed anticommunist uprising of 1956.


Police insisted on running a weapons check on all attendees, resulting in several minor disputes.


Speakers included far right Forza Nuova leader Roberto Fiore, an Italian MEP, who spoke of the international banking crisis and well-known Hungarian far right activists Laszlo Toroczkai and Gyorgy Budahazy. Jobbik party European Parliament candidate Krisztina Morvai also joined the gathering after addressing a radical right Jobbik meeting earlier in the day.


A group of 200, most of whom were wearing ski masks covering their faces, moved on to join a World Federation of Hungarians gathering in another part of the city when residents of a nearby building doused them with an unidentified liquid probably water. They responded by throwing rocks at the offending apartments.


Police later arrested a number of members of this group including one man who was caught scattering nails along Alkotmany Street, the main street leading up to parliament. Others were arrested for not removing their ski masks and identifying themselves when asked to do so. The arrestees include Budahazy, MTI's onsite correspondent reported. At the time of the arrests the noisy crowd had swelled to 500.


Four men were arrested for breaking the window of a shop along the route of their march.

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