Ancient gold unearthed in southern Hungary

Graves unearthed containing thin gold sheets made to cover the eyes and mouth of the deceased.

2009-12-01 09:53

Archaeologists have discovered rare gold objects from the time Hungarian tribes first arrived in the Carpathian basin, near Szeged, the head of the excavation told MTI on Monday.


Tibor Paluch, archaeologist of Szeged's Ferenc Mora Museum, said that the relics - thin gold sheets to cover the eyes and mouth of a dead person - had been found in one of eight early graves.


The archaeologist said that the purpose of applying the covers was to protect the soul of the dead. He added that warriors had been buried in six graves, which included the sculls of their horses.


Hungarian experts have only once found similar relics before: at an excavation near Eger (N) in the 1960s, Paluch said.

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