Archaeologists search for tomb of Suleiman I in Hungary

International team begins excavations near Szigetvár, where the Ottoman sultan known as the "Magnificient" was killed in 1566.

2009-07-13 11:45

An international team of archaeologists started excavations near Szigetvar, S Hungary, to find the tomb of Suleiman I, the Lawgiver, regional daily Uj Dunantuli Naplo said on Monday.


Suleiman (1494-1566), also called as the Magnificent, was the longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire, one of the most prominent monarchs of 16th-century Europe, presiding over the golden age of the empire. He died during the siege of the fortress of Szigetvar after 46 years of rule.


The excavations were initiated by archaeologists of Pecs University. Composed of Hungarian and Turkish experts, the team hopes to find the exact location of Suleiman's tomb at the church of Turbek.


The team relies on maps drawn after the 150 years of Turkish rule in Hungary. According to contemporary sources, a jami and a turbeh was erected above the sultan's grave. The facility is said to have been venerated and visited by many pilgrims, the paper said.

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