Air pollution hits critical level in 17 cities

By: All Hungary News
2012-02-10 13:46

The National Institute of Environmental Health said on Friday that air pollution in seventeen Hungarian cities was at dangerous levels and the Budapest Mayor’s Office said a smog warning had been maintained for Budapest.


The institute said in a statement that measurements taken on Friday morning showed dust particles had exceeded the threshold of 100 mg per cubic metre at the majority of monitoring stations in Ajka, Varpalota, Szekesfehervar, Tatabanya, Pecs, Szazhalombatta, Budapest, Esztergom, Salgotarjan, Eger, Putnok, Sajoszentpeter, Kazincbarcika, Miskolc, Oszlar, Nyiregyhaza and Debrecen.


The air quality in an additional seven cities (Sopron, Gyor, Veszprem, Dunaujvaros, Vac, Szeged and Abony) was at unhealthy levels on Friday morning, the institute said.


The Budapest Mayor’s Office said a smog warning level was maintained and added that a higher-level smog alert would be issued if the dirt particles exceed the threshold of 100 mg per cubic metre for two consecutive days. According to the weather forecast no improvement is expected in Budapest tomorrow.


At a warning level, residents are asked to refrain from using private vehicles and limit the use of heating.


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