Bronze Age settlement found at NE Hungary construction site

2011-02-17 07:29

Remains of a Bronze Age settlement and a former Sarmatian burial ground have been found at a construction site in the city of Nyiregyhaza in northeast Hungary, daily Magyar Nemzet said on Wednesday.


Several thousand metal objects, Roman bronze, silver and golden coins, and jewellery were excavated by archaeologists in the Oros district of the city, said the head of the excavation. One old pot contained as many as 34 bracelets, project leader archaeologist Eszter Istvanovits told the newspaper.


Some sixty dwellings have been excavated in the 56-hectare area and among the curiosities found has been a bone flute, she said.


Not far from the Bronze Age site, archaeologists also found some 100 graves from the period of the settlement of Magyars in Hungary. Many of the graves included bracelets and belt buckles.


A circular Sarmatian burial ground was also identified in the area but most of these graves have been robbed so archeologists could recover very few items from these.


The restoration of the items is underway in the Andras Josa Museum of Nyiregyhaza, which has already displayed part of the findings.

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