Trattoria Pomo D'Oro

1051 Budapest, Arany János utca 9
Open:Mon.-Fri., 11-24; Sat.-Sun., 12-24
Transport:M3, Arany János utca
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User rating: (2.94) based on 35 ratings
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2008-08-17 21:05:07nali
reading the comment many comment here must be personally , dont know why ?
any way the place is allways full and i need to reserve a place 2 days before.
i am a spanish student in Budapest and i eat there every week as this place has the best food in Budapest and after travel in many places in Europe i can say it has the best food. no matter what you order it will be GREAT . servis is great with a smile and they have a house red wine which is the best i ever had.
all you need to do is to go one time and have the best food in Budapest.
2008-01-06 22:22:14Luca
I am italian and I have been at this restaurant on 29.12.07 with my girlfriend. We ordered 2 pizzas. We are almost sure that they were taken from the fridge, the quality of pasta was medium/bad. The waiter brought us 2 bottles of water already open, the taste was not good. Although the espresso was very good we won't eat there again.
2007-12-19 02:05:19Ase
Reading the comments before for me it seems most of them are writing not about the restaurant, but the owner or "face" or whatever.. I don't think it's good to mix up the man with the place which is really good, and real Italian in my view! I tried it with my Italian boyfriend, although he usually does not eat Italian food abroad because of previous bad experiences. We had a simple pizza and he told me he could not eat that good neither at home, so he would like to come back to taste something else! Next day we returned and had a great meal again! My boyfriend was very impressed, he told it's not easy to get good quality food like this in Italy either! I guess he was not the only one on this opinion, because both of the times there were lot's of Italians in the restaurant! For me one of the best things was this italian-kind service which I have never experienced in Hungary before!
2007-12-15 17:59:57jessica
I am of budapest and I know very well Gianni, it absolutely is not Italian, everything that is false that says and it is not the owner, you/he/she has been assumed for serving as image and to tell a lot of lies in television. His/her mother is the owner of Magital, that kind of pasta disgustova that finds to the Tesco. I hope that all know who is really that stupid!!!
...And then the kitchen is disgusting the never cook!!!
2007-12-15 17:52:27foodreporter
I dissuade this whole restaurant, too much darling, the food is very bad, the chef is always in the room and never in the kitchen, Gianni Annoni that you says to be the Italian owner you is not anything else other than a conceited Hungarian gypsy, doesn't understand as does to be so' famous. VIP? been ashamed!!!!
2007-01-18 10:55:56Peter
In Nov 2006, my girlfriend and I had a dinner at Trattoria Pomo D'oro and we were absolutely satisfied. The atmosphere was great and personal, food was excellent, the service was nice and fast - it really reminded us of Italian trattorias. Portions are smaller than as usual in Hungary, but that fits me better. The restaurant is quite pricey, though compared to the average Hungarian restaurants. Dinner for two (2 appetizers + 2 main dish + 2 glass of simple Chianti Classico) was over 16.000HUF/61EUR + tip. Anyhow, it's a great non-budget choice. 5/5.
2006-03-20 17:16:31Robi
I hate this restaurant - fake Gianni, who pretends to be Italian but is more Hungarian than me. Bazdmeg.

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