Sark Kert

1130 Budapest, Margitsziget
Open:Daily, afternoons-late (Summer only)
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Notes: A former tennis court converted to a tranquil makeshift outdoor bar on the north shore of Margitsziget.

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2006-01-18 09:05:09Pestiside Editors
Taking its lead from inner-city sister pub Sark, this is a beer garden for those who value life's simple pleasures - cheap booze in a friendly, no-frills environment. (Though one frill is a big, stage-like area sometimes covered in pillows.) Sarkkert has been cobbled together on a shoestring budget and can only be reached on foot or by bicycle, lending it an endearing boho charm. Meanwhile, its large size means you'll never likely to be crowded, especially when the sun is still out.

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