9421 Fertőrákos, Fő utca 78
Open:Daily, 11-23
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Notes: The restaurant was included in Hungarian daily Népszabadság's 2006 list of 100 top eateries in Hungary.

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2010-05-19 13:32:10iható
Ráspi Budapest Restaurant
1077 Budapest, Király u. 53.

Following Ráspi's succcess in the countryside (at Fertőrákos nearby Sopron town in northeast Hungary) the owner opened a joint in the capital in district VI. Perhasp quoting thier philosophy ums up the best what will you experience in Ráspi Budapest "we are not into trends and we do not fulfill expectations or do what the market dictates. We simply make everything in harmony with nature's beauty and flavor, by preserving the flavors nature has created."

Every meal is made fresh on the spot from seasonal ingredients. A nice selection of Hungarian and international wines and champagnes are included in the wine list. Meal prices are on the expensive side (soups: cc. 1100 HUF, main dishes: 3200-7500 HUF) but Ráspi is definitely worth a try
2010-01-06 17:11:57inow
Ráspi has opened his second restaurant in Budapest, Király u. Have you heard?
2008-05-13 01:26:40Domenico
Indeed, Raspi is one of the top 3 restaurants in Hungary. Plus anytime I wish to really impress an Italian or French professional in gastronomy I have to take them down to Sopron. In Budapest, you can find two (but not more) good restaurants, but not any of them is really impressive. Raspi is now an institution.

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