Palace of Arts

Művészetek Palotája, MÜPA

1095 Budapest, Komor Marcell utca 1
Transport:Tram 2, Közvágóhíd
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Notes: Since its opening in 2005, the Palace of Arts has served as a multi functional cultural center and venue for a wide range of arts events. It is home to the Ludwig Museum, the National Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir and Music Bibliotheque and the National Dance Theater. The building also houses the Festival Theater (nearly 500 seats) and the National Concert Hall (over 1,800 seats). On Sundays, the ground floor of the Palace is transformed into a free activity center for babies and kids, and on Wednesday mornings, there is a free music class for babies. On offer for visitors are snack bars, a restaurant, a café, an Internet café, panoramic terraces and gift and book stores. The building is located near the Hungarian National Theater.

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