1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 41
Open:Mon.-Sat., 11:30-23; Sun., 11:30-18
Transport:M1, Opera
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2010-03-01 18:55:38Sándor
KLASSZ regrettably is no longer "klassz" (class or Klasse)! We loved it some time ago, but recently we were very disappointed. We had invited friends but we had wished we had chosen another place. The
meals were absolutely second or third class. Chuck breast in sick slices put in the mash of stamped potatoes, a cassoulé (bean soup) without any taste and so on, the meals of our guests in a similar way looking being not very tasty as arranged on the plates. The servants also not very helpful, my eye glasses went down from the tabel and the young man did give only a hint instead to pick it up for his guest (maybe it happened he himself did destroy it before he did say something about - we didn't persue this
question). The main thing, however, the food was not good and definitely in no relation to the prices. We
shall not visit this reataurant any longer. It's a pitie.
2009-09-30 10:01:59DONIAN
A really good experience. FOOD : excellent with a good selection. SERVICE : friendly and attentive. VALUE : both the food and wine were reasonably priced. POLICY : I just don't get the policy of not being able to book a table (it has taken me several attempts to get in here). OTHER DOWNSIDES : given the policy of not being able to book, it is a bit of hit and miss with the sort of table you will get and where it will be. We were next to the toilets and bar, on stools, and were subject to a lot of passing customer traffic. OVERALL : a great place to dine. I'd go more often but can't be bothered to carry the risk of not getting a seat all the time.
2009-09-19 17:21:15haecceity
I ordered a salad with Mozzarella di Buffala while some goat cheese was served with no notice.
I left the cheese while they counted it on the invoice.
I refused to pay for it.
They gave me no explanation that they made some mistake.
Therefore, I infer they would have tried to deceive me.
2009-09-12 17:22:19Jon B
It was Friday and our first night out on the down in Budapest. Went to Klassz after considering several of the Top-33 spots. Arrived at 9:30pm expecting a long wait. To our surprise there were empty tables both in the dinning room and on the patio (we choose the patio). The meal had its ups and downs.

First the ups. The broccoli cream soup with garlic pasta was rich and very flavorful. Although the "pasta" was not so much pasta as a clump of garlicky starch. The venison goulash with dumplings included tender meat and enough dark sauce to service the sliced dumplings. Both these dishes were drizzled with an ultra fresh tasting herb oil (I believe basil).

The down - and oh was it a downer - was the pork fillet with lentils and couscous. This could rank up there with the most disappointing dish I have ever had at a reputable place. The meat was two dried out pieces of pork with no sauce or apparent source of flavor. It had no taste. It was just this chewy pork-like meat that had to be swallowed with wine or water just to get it into your gullet. They must have cooked it in a microwave and left it under a hot lamp for a few hours. The lentils/couscous were no better. Again, no attempt at flavoring had been made. Loads of salt from the shaker helped create some basic taste, but could not solve the dryness. It was like eating sand. Wew!

All told, the best part of Klassz is not the food but the wine. The wine is very reasonably priced, and contains a good selection of local favorites. And all wine is sold by the both the class and bottle. If I was to go back I would just drink wine and maybe nibble on the starters.

fresh wegitable
2009-07-24 13:53:32budapestvet
Loud, cramped, and overly warm. It benefits from a good address, but that doesn't compensate for the uncomfortable room. Wait till the first snowfall before you go.
2008-12-07 16:10:51mokus
Finally made it into Klassz: to mixed results. The service was non-existent at the start; the waiter finally took my girlfriend's order then left, somehow failing to notice me. But it picked up from there: food arrived in a timely manner, nobody rushed us to turn the table, and what we ate was by-and-large excellent, but for fois gras soup, which was perhaps misrepresented, as the fois gras is in the stock, and the meaty components are actually mushrooms. Butter fish, risotto, lemon cake, wine and wine selection were all excellent. I am foreign, no service charge was added to the bill as stated below. Lucky for them, as I am a good tipper, and left well above that meager amount. Will go back despite flaws.
2008-09-11 19:01:33Katherine
I've been here 3 times and the food was excellent. I had green gazpacho with goat cheese and a risotto (al dentissimo, but very good) today. Didn't order wine, so cannot comment. But the coffee, despite the unattractive cups, was great. I also like the szoda viz bottle. Really tasty and not too pricey in all. I can only recommend it. Oh, the cook is really simpatico. I had about 3 different waiters...
2008-06-19 20:52:49Gourmet Fiend
Been there twice in the last week, once in the evening (atmospere was excellent, completely packed) and once on Sunday afternoon circa 3pm (place was empty!). Both times I really enjoyed myself and the food is truly excellent, which is the reason I go there.
Service is attentive and friendly, if a little 'unnoticing' at times (for example, when I need their attention). So the service seems to be rather patchy and I'm not sure how well they'd cope under duress. When I was dining in the evening, the mains were brought before I'd finished my starter, which is a cardinal sin in most restaurants: who called the starters "away" to the kitchen?!!! I had ordered a risotto for mains so that may go some way to explaining what happened, but I would have gladly waited the standard 15 minutes for my main course anyhow.
The wine list is, of course, excellent (bortársaság list) and reasonably priced (for the bottles anyway). The only problem I faced on ordering a rather sinewy duck breast was that there were no sharp knives available so I had to saw and grate on my plate.. But that really is knit-picking, this restaurant is excellent with the food really shining above all else. Well worth a visit.
2008-06-17 13:44:31RR
We've been here many times, but last night's visit will probably be the last. There is a new gang of servers, who seem to be more student substitutes for lack of real wait staff. We ordered a bottle of wine and the girl brought one glass poured for someone at the table who didn't even order, then took off. We caught her and said - ummm, we ordered a whole bottle for the entire table - she then proceeded to shrug and leave the bottle on the table (which she didn't even open at the table) and walked away. She returned a couple of times without glasses, so the next time we asked for wine glasses to drink wine from, she seemed really confused so i had to explain to her very slowly (in Hungarian) that we had ordered a bottle of wine for the entire table and we all wanted to drink from it too... She seemed perplexed but finally brought glasses. We then watched as she repeated this whole process with our neighboring table. At least it was amusing. The service was slow and almost non-existent.
Food was excellent, but not worth the hassle of having to wave someone - ANYONE? - down, most of the time unsuccessfully, to get service.
2008-02-03 13:53:57WineExpert
We've vistied Kalssz yesterday for the fist time. And we doubt there will be a second one... It was not so "klassz". (Means "cool" or "great" in Hungarian)
First of all there were no vacant tables when we enetered, so we decided to wait. (What a bad decision.) We were told that a table would be empty in seconds, but still, we had to wait almost 20 minutes. They didn't even apologize for the delay, and we were presented to our table without the slightest wave of smile.
After the uneasy waiting we could finally sit down. The waiter never came back after changing the tablecloth. Nobody took attention on us for 15 minutes, and also the service at the other tables were apparently slow, however most of them was only drinking. (But they were at least served, unlike us...)
Finally, we fed up being ignored, and ctached one of the waiters. He told us it was not HIS job to take the orders, but we had failed to discover whose job it was, since we went to another restaurant where the waiters are kind and polite, and where the service is truly "klassz".
If you want to eat or drink, never go to Klassz!

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